Youtube Issue: Microsoft and Google Working Together To Fix YouTube’s Audio Related Issues For Chromium On Windows 10

Microsoft and Google are working on bringing audio output improvements to Chromium. This step by the companies will not only improve the audio output of Google Chrome web browser, but also all other browsers out there that run Chromium including Window’s native Edge browser.
The information was first reported by Windows Latest website and according to their report, the audio output improvements have been confirmed by Google and Microsoft for Chromium.
Several users have been reporting audio output issues while watching YouTube videos on Windows 10 using Google Chrome browser. Another issue reported by users while watching videos using Google Chrome is they can’t crank up the volume to full while watching.
According to a report by website, YouTube receives over hundreds of reports daily from users regarding audio issues while playing videos on Desktop Web.
As per the post, Google thinks that there are mainly three main reasons behind this. Here are the details as per the website.

  • User error: A user may inadvertently put YouTube into a muted state.
  • OS issues: Accidental device fall over falls into this category of error; for example, if the user has 2x DP/HDMI monitors w/ only 1 audio connection, the output device may change between the two.
  • Driver issues: 1st or 3rd party drivers can cause audio output to hang. Of course, Windows is the only consumer desktop OS with ODM integration. Higher rates of peripheral connection (HDMI monitors with independent volume, USB sound cards, etc.) creates additional ways for audio to fail. We propose that YouTube and Microsoft collaborate on driver testing and bug fixing moving forward and investigate existing issues.

To address these issues, Google has requested Microsoft and YouTube teams to work together on driver testing to detect potential issues related to audio.
Microsoft in response has accepted the proposal and have already started working on fixing the issues.
Although, there’s no words from either of the companies when the fix will be out. However, we can expect to see some results soon.

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