Galaxy Buds Pro: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Update Begins To Roll Out, New Features Coming

Samsung’s true wireless earbuds Galaxy Pro have got a new update which adds the “Double-tap earbud edge” feature, as per a report by PhoneArena. The particular feature has been a long time coming because it has been there in the other Galaxy Buds model, except the Pro.

With this feature, the Galaxy Pro earbuds users need only to double-tap the top edge of the left earbud to decrease the volume. To increase the volume, they need to do the same but on the right earbud. The update also lets users assign different tasks to the double-tap and triple tap functions. The Galaxy Buds Pro update has started rolling out in South Korea and it could take a bit of time to reach other users globally.

Also, with the new update, you only need to long-press on the earbud to toggle the noise control mode on or off. One improvement that’s expected as a part of the update is with regards to the performance of the earbuds in the ANC mode.

Samsung claims that the ANC on the Galaxy Buds Pro “filters out up to 99% of background noise.” with the help of its “intelligent algorithm that cancels out the noise”. It seems like maybe the claim did not exactly meet the ANC performance and the company is trying to better the ANC with the update.

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